A lifelong passion for languages

Matthew Youlden is a language consultant, linguist, lecturer and polyglot hailing from Manchester, England.


Languages have shaped Matthew's entire life, from learning languages together with his twin brother to studying translation studies and linguistics at Humboldt University of Berlin and to working as a professional language consultant and lecturer.


Whilst working as Language Ambassador for the language-learning app Babbel he played a crucial role in promoting the benefits of language learning as well as developing and expanding its platform.


Passionate about all things related to languages and language learning, Matthew has written for publications including The Guardian and The Huffington Post, and makes regular appearances as an expert or guest panelist on television shows, both in Germany and internationally. A selection of recent appearances and work can be found under the In the Media tab.


As an e-learning professional, he has collaborated with various learning platforms such as Creative Live and has appeared as a professional speaker at organisations such as Google, Apple and TEDx covering topics from language learning, multilingualism and languages and marketing. Together with his fellow Superpolyglotbro Michael, he has published acclaimed language learning audiobooks as Audible Originals.


When not craving for pies, British chocolate and Lucozade Orange, he enjoys going for long walks by the river and visiting old bookshops.


If you have any questions or would like to commission or work with him, please email him at info@matthewyoulden.com or get in touch via the Contact tab.